Available Colors:

Black - 3445
Blue - 3442
Brown - 3432
Burgundy - 3428
Dark Blue - 3430
Green - 3433
Red - 3441
Shark White - 3410
Teal - 3434


Antifouling Paints: Self-Polishing CoPolymer

Self-Polishing Copolymer Antifoulant– 3400 Series

Cukote’s high loading of cuprous oxide makes this formulation a top performer, even in the most severe fouling areas. As an ablative, self-polishing coating, there is no buildup of bottom paint over time. Your hull's underwater surface remains smooth and clean. Cukote copolymer can also withstand removal from water without affecting its antifouling properties. Cukote is the premium self-polishing antifouling paint that has established the standard in the industry.

  • Self Polishing Ablative with Multi-Season Performance on Both Pleasure Craft, Coastal and Deep Sea Vessels
  • Harder Ablative Finish Makes Cukote Ideal for Fast Moving Vessels including: Pleasure Craft Power Boats, High Speed Transports, Supply Vessels, and Ferries
  • May Be Taken In and Out of the Water Without Affecting Antifouling Characteristics 
  • Does Not Contain Any Organotin Compounds (TBT)  
  • May Be Used on All Steel, Fiberglass, and Wood Vessels Below the Waterline That Have Been Planned Drydockings of Less Than Three Years
  • Lloyd's Registry Certified 

For detailed technical information about this product please download the documents listed below:

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS Sheet) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) covers regulatory information including physical data, hazardous ingredients list, safety precautions, storage, handling, spill and disposal procedures, and other important safety information.

Technical Data Sheet (Tech Sheet) contains detailed product information, including application specifications and guidelines.

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