New Nautical Coatings has Aluminum Boats Covered with Aluma Hawk

Sea Hawk Paints Clearwater Florida

New Nautical Coatings has Aluminum Boats Covered with Aluma Hawk

May 22, 2015

CLEARWATER, FL – (September 22, 2014) – Sea Hawk Paints’ recently released aluminum boat paint, Aluma Hawk, is the perfect solution for keeping corrosion and rust at bay. It is a quick drying, high-solids coating that does not require a primer on bare aluminum, cutting application labor time in half. Aluma Hawk is chromate-free and contains no more than 413 grams/liter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Although it has no antifouling properties, it’s rust-inhibiting and lacquer-resistant coating will protect your aluminum boat and keep it looking sharp with a choice of three popular aluminum boat colors.
Aluma Hawk may be used above and below the waterline and is as effective in saltwater as it is in freshwater. It has excellent aluminum adhesion properties that allow application without a primer, which was proven during extensive field testing. Aluma Hawk may be applied with brush, roller or sprayer, and it’s quick drying characteristics enable getting on the water quickly after Aluma Hawk has been applied.
Sea Hawk’s Research and Development Team takes pride in its never-ending pursuit of innovative marine coatings, repair supplies and epoxy solutions to solve contemporary problems. “We’re constantly experimenting with new formulas to provide peak performance and simplify application processes,” said Erik Norrie, CEO of Sea Hawk Paints. “From environmentally-friendly solutions to bio-engineered technologies, we have consistently created new, ground-breaking products every year.”
New Nautical Coatings, Inc., manufacturer of Sea Hawk Paints, was established in 1978. Sea Hawk’s mission is to provide boat owners around the world with the highest quality, most pleasurable to use, application specific solutions for protecting and enhancing the longevity and performance of their vessels.

For images, more information or to schedule an appointment for an interview with Erik Norrie, please call Michael O’Keene at 800-528-0997 or email

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