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No need to BET your bottom dollar on antifouling performance…

Sea Hawk GUARANTEES it with a Written Warranty!

New Nautical Coatings, Inc., US manufacturer of Sea Hawk Paints, will warranty that when our products Cukote, Cukote Biocide Plus, Sharkskin, BiocopTF, Islands 44 Plus, Islands 77 Plus, Monterey, Tropikote, Tropikote Biocide Plus, and Smart Solution antifouling paints are applied by a Certified Sea Hawk Applicator in the correct manner, as described in our technical brochures, the coating will remain intact and not show any barnacle growth on the coating for the period of one year (12 months).


Should your vessel become fouled with hard growth within a period of one year (12 months), including any and all types of barnacles, corals, oysters, or zebra mussels, Sea Hawk Paints will:

  1. Pay the certified applicator their COST of hauling and blocking.
  2. Supply free of charge all Sea Hawk materials to recoat bottom.
  3. Supply materials, issue credit, or issue a check as payment of boatyard’s COST in hull preparations and all labor time used to repair vessel.

Note: If vessel cannot be brought back to the original certified applicator, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. reserves the right, at their discretion, to supply product (credit) only.


  1. New Nautical Coatings does not warranty paints applied by any persons other than certified applicators.
  2. New Nautical Coatings does not warranty paints that have not been maintained on a monthly basis.

* Proper cleaning and maintenance includes: cleaning slime and pollutants from the hull that allow barnacles to grow on the residue which insulates the antifouling properties from growth.

*Proper cleaning can be accomplished by gently rubbing the hulls surface with a soft brush or cloth removing all slime and pollutants exposing clean antifouling paint.

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