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“Using anything other than Sea Hawk is a huge and costly mistake!”

May 14, 2013

Dr. James Ellingford of Sydney, Australia maintains his prized Nordhavn 62, Pendana to the “highest possible standards”. Here’s why he only uses Biocop TF™.

A story by Dr. James Ellingford


As the owner of a Nordhavn 62, a famous long-range, truly ocean-capable vessel, I feel a great responsibility to make sure Pendana is maintained to the highest possible standards. As such, I ensure that every product that goes into maintaining her is the very best there is. 

One of the complaints often discussed by mariners is having the anti-fouling paint replaced on the boat’s hull. I am not sure why – I have never had a problem with anti-fouling or taking advantage of the direct benefit of increased speed and reduced fuel consumption which comes from using the right bottom paint. 

The whole process of underbody maintenance makes total sense, and it actually ends up saving you money, so long as you use the right product.


When Pendana’s anti-fouling is due for replacement, choosing what bottom paint to use is easy. Pendana has enjoyed over three and a half years from her last bottom paint job using a product called Sea Hawk Biocop TF. This paint has a unique, dual-action biocide that allows for much longer periods between bottom jobs, and is considered to be a top performer among anti-fouling paints worldwide.

A few mariner friends of mine opted to use other products against my advice, and have subsequently paid a heavy price indeed. One fellow Nordhavn owner applied a basic paint to his boat’s bottom, and within a few short months it looked like a seaweed farm. He is planning to have the boat lifted from the water once again, and this time, he will be using Sea Hawk. 

I have always found the folks at Sea Hawk to be remarkably helpful; with offices all over the globe, a representative from the company is never far away. Sea Hawk is not the most expensive paint out there, and it is not the cheapest – but when you consider the lift cost, application cost and time cost, using anything other than Sea Hawk Biocop TF is a huge and costly mistake. Remember, the per-gallon/litre price is irrelevant as its performance time that counts!

Dr. James Ellingford

Sydney, Australia

Mary Orme

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