Warranty Claim Form

Sea Hawk Paints Clearwater Florida
The online Warranty Claim Form was developed to give vessel owners an easy way to establish a Warranty Claim should their Sea Hawk Paint not perform in accordance with the Sea Hawk Warranty. The form is designed to gather pertinent information pertaining to the vessel, the owner of the vessel, boatyard that applied the Sea Hawk Paint and other information required by the manufacturer to process the claim.

It is recommended the following items be readily available before beginning the claim form:
  • Invoice of the original Bottom Job or Bottom Paint Detailed Application Declaration form
  • Invoice of paint purchase
  • Pictures or video of current condition of bottom

Completion of the form in its entirety is required before Sea Hawk will begin to process the claim

Warranty Claim Procedure

Fill out this online Warranty Claim Form. Please attach all required documentation to facilitate your claim. Any submission of a Claim missing required information will not be processed. All Claims must be submitted within 30 days of first discovery of defect in performance. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for a determination by manufacturer. Any decision by manufacturer to offer paint or other materials to consumer must be accepted by consumer within 30 days of Claim determination, otherwise the claim will become void.

*All form fields are required. Use "Unknown" if you do not know the answer. If you encounter difficulty, e-mail warranty@seahawkpaints.com


Vessel Information

Summary of Issue

Bottom Job Summary

Supporting Documentation For This Claim

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